Play-to-Earn: Alexis Ohanian Stands Firmly by Future of Gaming

• Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is a firm believer in the play-to-earn gaming model, despite its decline in popularity.
• He believes that within the next five years, this model will become the standard for video games.
• Despite some failed attempts at play-to-earn games, Ohanian is certain that with advances in Web3 technology and a wider public understanding of crypto and NFT trading, this model will be accepted.

Alexis Ohanian’s Support for Play-to-Earn Gaming Model

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian firmly stands by the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming despite its recent decline in popularity. In a recent Twitter thread, he expressed his belief that this model will become standard for video games within the next five years. He cited six figure sales of virtual items in Entropia Universe and Counter Strike: Global Offensive as proof that P2E can be successful if done right.

Advances in Web3 Technology

Ohanian believes that with advances in Web3 technology and a wider public understanding of blockchain and Non Fungible Token (NFT) trading, P2E gaming can make a comeback. He is an investor in several gaming companies including Axie Infinity creator Sky Mavis, thus showing his faith not only in play to earn but also digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Other Crypto Veterans’ Views on Play to Earn

Other crypto executives have expressed skepticism regarding the viability of the play to earn concept, citing it as unsustainable due to lack of user engagement and difficulty monetizing it. Azra Games founder Mark Otero has argued that most players are not interested or willing to invest money into these types of games due to its lack of rewards or incentives.

The Future Of Play To Earn Gaming

Despite these criticisms, Ohanian remains confident that this model will eventually succeed due to its potential for generating revenue through microtransactions which could potentially revolutionize gaming industry. He believes that if developers find ways to properly reward users who engage with their games financially then the future could be very bright indeed for PTE gaming models.


In conclusion, while there are certainly challenges ahead for play-to-earn gaming models, many experts believe they represent an exciting frontier for game developers looking to monetize their creations without relying solely on traditional ad revenue streams or subscription fees alone . With advances in Web3 technology allowing users more flexibility when it comes to earning rewards from playing video games plus continued support from major figures like Alexis Ohanian, it’s possible we could see a future where gamers are able to fully reap the rewards from their time spent playing online titles soon enough!

Play-to-Earn: Alexis Ohanian Stands Firmly by Future of Gaming
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