Twitter Hacker Extradited, Coinbase Worker Jailed, Binance Launches Capital Connect

• Twitter hacker Joseph O’Connor extradited to US and pleads guilty
• Ishan Wahi, former Coinbase product manager, sentenced to two years in prison for insider trading
• 16 suspects in Vietnam face trial for kidnapping and stealing $1.5M worth of crypto

Twitter Hacker Extradited to US

Joseph O’Connor, a UK national behind a 2020 Twitter hack, was extradited to the US where he pleaded guilty to two sets of charges. The US Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York stated that O’Connor used his technological abilities for malicious purposes by conducting a complex SIM swap attack, hacking Twitter accounts and cyberstalking victims.

Coinbase Employee Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

Ishan Wahi, a former Coinbase product manager, was sentenced to two years in prison for his role in what federal prosecutors called the first-ever insider trading case involving cryptocurrency. The US District Judge said that Wahi provided confidential information from his job to his brother and friend despite being aware it was illegal.

Binance Launches VIP Capital Connect Service

Binance launched the Capital Connect service platform which is designed to connect VIP users with investment fund managers. This free service is available only to Binance VIP users and allows them to browse different crypto investment funds and connect with crypto investment managers.

Xapo Bank Integrates Tether Payment Rails

Xapo Bank integrated Tether (USDT) payment rails into its existing USDC rails. This phased rollout will be fully available by the end of the month and offers 4.1% annual interest rate return on deposits as an alternative solution for potential members who are looking for an alternative banking option with access to Bitcoin and stablecoins.

16 Suspects In Vietnam Face Trial For Kidnapping And Stealing Crypto

A court in Vietnam is set to hold a trial next week for 16 suspects involved in a case that included kidnapping and $1.5M stolen crypto. Among the suspects are two former police officers.

Twitter Hacker Extradited, Coinbase Worker Jailed, Binance Launches Capital Connect
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